Favorite Photo/Video Editing Apps

My go to apps to use when editing photos on the go and submitting them online with my phone. Sometimes, I use all of these apps to get a certain effects. Mostly, I use one or two of these apps to clean up my photos and give more pizzazz!

  • AnalogFilm: This is one of my favorite app to use because it allows you to use filters and/or editing tools as if you were developing film and negatives.
  • Splitter Pro: This app allows you to combine and split one or two photos together to create cools effects.
  • VSCO: My another big favorite app to use because of the professional look and feel when using the app. Also, I love the presets and easy to use tools give my photos a pop!
  • Stackables: This app is great because it allows multi layering of different filters and presets to edit each photo.
  • Layout: This app is cool to use because you an add more than one photo in a frame. This is especially advantageous when posting to sites like instagram or facebook.
  • Director: I also love this app because it helps in creating and customizing your very own story board in creating and editing videos. Also you can also turn photo collages into videos. Its great!



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